The Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Program in Humanities (POSIH) is directly linked to the Institute of Humanities of the University of International Integration of Afro-Brazilian Lusophony (Unilab). The Program is linked to the Pro-Rectory of Research and Post-Graduation and is part of the Brazilian Post-Graduation, mainly sponsored by the national academic research promotion agencies, CAPES and CNPq and by the research promotion foundation of Ceará, Funcap. In this context, it is enrolled, as a Masters program, to the second of the Interdisciplinary CAPES areas.

The area of ​​concentration of Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities will contribute with an epistemological formation, as well as to the research and/or teaching of interdisciplinary skills, theories and methodologies, beyond intercultural aspects in Humanities. In order to internationalize, internalize and integrate knowledge, the Interdisciplinary Master in Humanities (MIH) stimulates the production and diffusion of knowledge in the field of Humanities, especially in the scope of the topics listed in its Research Lines: Education, Politics, Languages ​​and Work, Development and Migration.

The Interdisciplinary Masters in Humanities – MIH is a Stricto Sensu Academic Course, in presential mode. The courses will be offered and taught by the program teachers, preferably in the morning and evening shifts, at the Auroras Campus, in Redenção – Ceará.

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