Is it possible to take this Masters Degree in distance?

No. Interdisciplinary Master’s Degree in Humanities at Unilab – MIH is a Stricto Sensu Academic Course, in a classroom presential mode. The courses will be offered and taught by the program teachers, preferably in the morning and evening shifts, at the Auroras Campus, in Redenção – Ceará.

When will you open a Selection Notice?

The selection is made once a year. The Public notice is launched in the second half of July and the entry of approved students is in the first half of the following year.

How many vacancies are offered per year?

16 vacancies, half of which is destined for international candidates from the partner countries of Unilab (Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe and East Timor).

Do you have a doctorate?

No. The Program has an Interdisciplinary Master’s Degree in Humanities

Can I take disciplines in another Post Graduate Program?

Yes, provided that the Program is recommended by Capes. Six is ​​the maximum of credits that you can profit from external programs to the Interdisciplinary Masters in Humanities.

How do I enroll as a sole student (special)?

If you are not a regular student of the Program, you can enroll in this modality. To do so, you should access the website, see the subjects available in the semester, choose the one that interests you, find out the responsible teacher and request his/her authorization. If authorized, enroll in the deadlines established in the academic calendar by e-mail, sending CPF, RG (personal official identity) and graduation diploma. The enrollment is conditioned to the existence of vacancies. The Program does not accept sole or special enrollments in compulsory subjects.

How and when do I take the Proficiency test in a foreign language?

The proficiency examination approval statement must be submitted within 18 months after first enrollment in the Program. The Exam is applied by the Language Center of Unilab. The dates of the exams are published in the Academic Calendar of Graduation.

When do I need to qualify?

Within 18 months after the first registration in the Program

I will not do any discipline this semester. Do I need to enroll?

Yes. The student always needs to register to maintain the bond with the University. If you do not commit any discipline, enroll in “Oriented Studies”.

Am I required to do Internship teaching?

All students must attend the Teaching Internship, except those who have a proven teaching experience of at least 12 months at the undergraduate level at a higher education institution recognized by MEC.

Is the semester report for all students or only for scholarships?

For all students.

Can I only defend the dissertation if my research project is approved by the Research Ethics Committee of Unilab?

Yes. Information on the submission of the project to the Ethics Committee consult the Secretariat of the Commission, linked to PROPPG/UNILAB (http://proppg.unilab.edu.br/).

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